Pune: Doctors treat TB of woman misdiagnosed with cancer, help save her life

Although, she was initially diagnosed with cancer after a blood test. Doctors began treating her for tuberculosis (TB) after anti-cancer drugs were ineffective on the patient

Pune: Doctors treat TB of woman misdiagnosed with cancer, help save her life

  • A rare presentation of tuberculosis (TB) was diagnosed in Pune. The patient was being treated for abdominal cancer, since the last six months. The diagnosis of TB was crucial in helping her fully recover.
  • Around a month ago, Sangeeta Jadhav, a 28-year-old woman, had a 15 cm mass in her abdomen when she visited Dr Gopalkrishna Gawade at a nursing home
  • Her haemoglobin was as low as six, while her weight was just 35 kg. Because of the mass in her abdomen

When she was seven months pregnant, she lost her child. And since then, she was carrying this huge mass in her stomach.

A blood test for diagnosis of cancer called CA 125 tumour marker was done. The level was very high and indicated presence of malignancy. Doctors thought about the cancerous tumour. But since her weight and haemoglobin was low, further tests could not be done.

Gawade, said, “There are many factors which can be seen in both TB and cancer. One should have high suspicion for TB when the patient is not responding to anti-cancer drugs.”

He started the treatment for TB. For the first 12 days the patient suffered from high fever and lost weight. But slowly, she started feeling hungry and after few weeks her haemoglobin also improved. Doctors then did a biopsy, which diagnosed her with TB.

“She was a very poor patient. She was fighting with the thought that she has cancer for more than six months. Post the treatment she has improved a lot now. Her haemoglobin is at 10.5 now,” said Gawade.