Pune: Doctors save pregnant lady with rare syndrome

A 22-year-old lady, who was third time pregnant, started getting seizures and lost her consciousness while she was delivering twins in Pune’s hospital. For three days, she was in comatose stage and gained her consciousness, only when the doctor treated her for a rare syndrome. According to doctors, a targeted treatment to control her Blood Pressure (BP), to improve her platelet count and to slow down the breaking down of Red Blood Cells, helped her to get back on track


Earlier this month, a rare case of HELLP syndrome, (H- hemolysis ( breakdown of red blood cells), EL- elevated liver enzymes (liver function), LP- low platelets counts (platelets help the blood clot) along with PRES (Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) was diagnosed at Ruby Hall clinic. These are life threatening conditions during pregnancy, with the occurrence rate of just 0.1 per cent.

Surekha Bangar, was admitted in Ruby Hall Clinic, on the third day when doctors at other two hospitals where she was admitted earlier, failed to diagnose the cause for her comatose state. Doctors at Ruby hall clinic informed, when she was admitted her Blood pressure (BP) was very high, her platelet count was very low and she was nutritionally weak, a low haemoglobin count.

Dr Abhijit Lodha, Physician at Ruby Hall clinic, said, “Some of the tests revealed that her Red Blood Cells were breaking down, liver enzymes were elevated and platelet count was low. Since, she was also suffering from Jaundice and was having seizures; it was difficult to have suspicion for HELLP and PRES. But, with detailed analysis we diagnosed it and treated her accordingly.”

He added, “The patient was just 22-years-old and had undergone three deliveries. She was nutritionally weak. All these factors worsened her condition. Early age delivery and weak nutrition status has triggered complications in this case.”

Doctors said that a targeted treatment to control her Blood Pressure (BP), to improve her platelet count and to slow down the breaking down of RBC’s helped her to recover.

Dr Ramesh Bhosale, Head of Gynaecology department of B J Medical college, Pune, said, “To have a high clinical suspicion and early diagnosis is essential in cases related to HELLP syndrome. On diagnosis if corrective therapy is started immediately, the complications can be avoided. This syndrome is rare and doctors should see that it does not progress.”