Pune doctors’ rendition of ‘Sonu’ song goes viral online

While the ‘Sonu’ song is breaking all records on the internet; doctors’ from Pune joined the bandwagon to express their agony through their own version of the ‘Sonu’ song and instantly gets 12,000 hits on the same day

Pune doctors’ rendition of ‘Sonu’ song goes viral online

In a first, the Sonu song gets its rendition from Pune doctors as a mark to make patients aware about the situation, the doctors undergo. The video titled as ‘being doctor’ portrays what doctor feels about themselves and their profession.

The doctors have mentioned about the hard work they put in and despite of making efforts, they get beaten up by the patient’s relatives. The video perfectly showcases the plight of the doctors — debts incurred by them, about how they give up their social life in order to make sure that the patient gets their complete attention.

The video by doctors ‘Patient tule mahyawar bharosa nay ka’ (patients don’t you trust me), depicts the relation between a doctor, went viral on social media, after it was uploaded on Tuesday and instantly got more than 12,000 views.

Through this song, doctors said that they study 24/7 before becoming a doctor, burn their midnight oil, give up on food and are worried about their future, even after they come out with flying colours. Indian doctors are praised all over the world, but it in India; they are not given their due credits.

Dr Dharmesh Gandhi, Director of Sterling hospital in Nigdi, who is among one of the doctors, who enacted the video, said, “Everyone present in the video are medical students of Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical college’s 1992 batch. It was our reunion to celebrate the silver jubilee. So we all decided to come up with a new version of Sonu song. Those who are closeer to the doctors can only understand their situation. We just wanted to put our side through the video.”

Dr Shubhangi Tekurkar, Anesthetist from Pune who wrote the script of the video and enacted in it, said, “Doctors even work for 48 hours.and it hurts them, when they get beaten up by the patients. Patients should respect us as we never falter on our duty towards patients. We just want patients to understand that even our lives are not easy and still we are committed to our duty.”