Pune: Doctors remove 7cm tumour close to the brain with a rare kind of surgery

Sumit (name changed), a 23-year-old man who hails from Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, used to frequently get nose bleeds and nasal blockage. He recently underwent a rare and risky surgery. Doctors from Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), Pune, performed an angiofibroma on him thereby removing a seven-centimetre tumour which had latched itself on his internal carotid artery (the main blood vessel of the brain)


The tyransnasal endoscopic approach was used for the removal of this tumour. This particular type of tumour is commonly seen in young adults. He visited many hospitals in his district, but when no one could do the required procedure, he came to Sassoon Hospital in Pune.

Dr Sameer Joshi, Head of the ear, nose and throat surgery (ENT) department at SGH, while explaining how rare and risky the procedure was, said, “It is a very rare condition, where a blood tumour is formed behind the nose and below the brain. This zone is very crowded and extremely vascular. During the procedure, a single prick could lead to extreme bleeding – and doctors can barely see anything. In the main surgery, we had to cut off the tumour after separating it from the base of other bones. It was done safely and the procedure was successfully.”

The tumour was a vascular one and controlling blood flow was a major challenge. For this reason blood flow had to be reduced. A day before the procedure, Dr Ibrahim Ansari and Dr Kiran Naiknavre of SGH’s radiology department did an angioplasty on the young man.

In this procedure the arteries supplying blood to the tumour were cut down which significantly reduced the risk of bleeding.