Pune: Doctors remove 6 kg tumour from woman’s abdomen

In a rare case of abdominal tumour, reported at Sassoon General Hospital, a mass of around six kg was taken out surgically. The doctors mentioned that the tumour was completely removed with minimal blood loss. As per doctors, globally, there are only 58 cases of this tumour reported


  • In the medical terminology the tumour is known as Extra-Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour (EGIST).
  • The doctors informed that there is no case of EGIST tumour which was as heavy as this one, reported in the world so far.

In the last week of December, Maltidevi Aakalu Ran, (45), a Bihar resident, was admitted in the Sassoon General Hospital complaining of abdominal pain. She was suffering with problem since last 15 months. Her CT scan, revealed that existence of abdominal tumour. Then, a surgery was then carried out on her in the first week of January.

The surgery was challenging as the tumour was touching many vital organs like small intestine, kidney, duodenum and some large vessels. It was complex procedure for doctors to take out the tumour which was 28 by 28 by 20 cm in size while ensuring that none of the vital organs get damaged. The weight of the tumour is 5 kg 750 gms.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, the dean of Sassoon General Hospital said, “After CT Scan, we came to know about the size of the mass. The surgery was complex as we had to ensure that none of the vital organ gets damaged. The patient is doing well now. It is the heaviest EGIST tumour reported in the Global literature. Globally, there are only 58 cases of this tumour reported.”

Lata Bhoir, Associate Professor at Sassoon General Hospital, who was part of the operating team, said, “If she would not have been operated, she would have put on weight, experienced excruciating  pain and her vital organs would have been at risk. We have removed the tumour with minimal blood loss and without puncturing any of the vital organs.”

Post-surgery, doesn’t feel bloated and she is pain-free now. The patient was recently discharged.