Pune: Doctors remove 5 kg fibroid from woman’s ligament, save her life

In a rare and risky case, doctors at government hospital in Pune successfully operated a 53 year-old woman, who had a huge 5.5 kg mass of fibroid in her broad ligament

Pune: Doctors remove 5 kg fibroid from woman’s ligament, saving her life
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According to experts the fibroid was huge and the surgery was risky. The mass was 25 cm by 20 cm in size. The broad ligament is a peritoneal fold that attaches the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries to the pelvis.

The mass was in very close proximity to abdominal aorta, both veins and arteries supplying lower limb and abdomen and uterus. To restore the anatomy and take out the mass was a challenge for doctors.

“When patient came to us we suspected ovarian mass. But when we opened it during surgery we found it was broad ligament fibroid. It was embedding even in the urethra. It was also stuck in her abdominal aorta. To restore the anatomy and to take out the mass was very challenging for us. Since many vital organs were involved the surgery, it  was going to be a risky surgery. But, if we did not have operated on her then she could have started having other problems by affecting her urination and many other functions,” said Dr Kunal Shinde, Associate professor at obstetrics and gynaecology department of Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital, YCMH) Pune.

“During the 80’s when ultrasonography was not common, such cases used to occur occasionally. These days fibroid of even one or two centimetres gets detected in a better manner. Development of such huge mass was due to delay from patient side in this case. Patient is stable now,” Dr Shinde added.

Dr Ramesh Bhosale, gynaecologist at Sassoon General Hospital, said, “It was definitely a risky and rare surgery. In such cases utmost care and extra precautions should be taken by the doctor, as chances of heavy bleeding are more. Also, the fibroid was placed at a risky spot. Great skill is required to carry out such a surgery.”