Pune: Doctors remove 10.5 kg pumpkin-sized tumour from 50-yr-old woman’s body  

Doctors of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Maharashtra’s first Joint Commission International (JCI), USA and NABH Accredited Hospital successfully removed a pumpkin-sized giant uterine tumour weighing 10.5 kg from a 50-year-old female


Pushpa (name changed), a resident of Bhosari, Pune complained of mild pain and swelling at her abdomen. She was able to carry out her daily activities but was getting tired very often.

Then one day her relative noticed that her abdomen was abnormally looking distended and they immediately consulted Dr Rohidas Alhat, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Bhosari.

The patient had no complaints of diabetes, blood pressure, menstrual cycle or any other medical history and initial MRI suggested an ovarian mass which was filling her abdomen from all sides extending up near the lungs area.

Understanding the severeness of the condition, Pushpa was immediately referred to Dr Nikhil Parwate, Gynaecologist, Surgical Oncologist at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.

“The patient was admitted under severe pain. Her abdomen was so huge that it measured around 39 cm on tape. The MRI suggested an ovarian mass but on clinical examination, I thought it was uterine,” Dr Parwate said.

He added, “This was confirmed when the patient abdomen was opened and we saw the mass was arising from the lateral wall of the uterus and same was confirmed by ‘on table pathological examination,’ medically called as ‘Frozen Section’” said Dr Parwate.

The doctors started the surgery by giving a very big vertical incision (cut) on the stomach to get the mass out. They carefully dissected to separate the mass without any injury to ureter, small and large intestine.

Dr Parwate further informed, “It was very tough to get that mass out, so we tied every small blood vessels that came our way to prevent haemorrhage. The mass weighed 10.5 kg but the challenging part was to hold such a mass and operate without injury to any other organs. The mass itself carried around 1.5 litres of blood and so we transfused 2 bottles of blood.”

He said, “Our anaesthesia team did all necessary pre-operative things including placing a central line as we anticipated massive blood loss. The patient blood group was also very rare (A negative) but we managed to get it in our blood bank before the surgery itself”, he further added.

The anatomy of the Pushpa’s reproductive track was completely distorted by the mass but was slowly restored. The surgery lasted for about 5 hours and the patient was discharged on the 4th day of her surgery.

The patient was well mobilised and was given good physiotherapy lessons by the physiotherapy department so that she remains agile and was not confined to bed. On the second day after surgery, Pushpa walked immediately with their help.

The teams of doctors involved were Dr Prakash Valse, Gastro Intestinal surgeon; Anaesthesia team including Dr Ashish Pathak, Dr Ranjit, Dr Tanaji; Dr Ravindra Singh, Blood Bank in-charge.

“The pain was unbearable and I was getting very tired. I never thought that such a big tumour was inside me. I am thankful to the doctors of Aditya Birla Hospital for saving my life,” said a grateful Pushpa.

“Such cases are always managed in a tertiary care institute with a multi-disciplinary team. It feels great when our team of expert doctors solves such complicated cases. It was a real challenge not just for the surgeon but the anaesthetists too to manage the patient. But luckily everything went well and the patient is now in normal condition. I am very happy for the patient,” stated Rekha Dubey CEO Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.