Pune: Doctors help Yemeni girl to open her mouth for the first time

After 30 years, Yemen's Fatima will now be able to open her mouth. As per doctors, there was a tumour near the ear lobe. This led into joint stiffness near ear lobe. And joint gets fused to skull bone. Since 30 years, she was only on a liquid diet. But, due to Pune doctors’ efforts, now she was able to open her mouth for the first time since birth


We all like to chit-chat with friends, eat scrumptious food and explore different cuisine. But, Yemen’s Fatima couldn’t do all this. Shocked! Yes! You have heard it right, as 30-year-old Fatima doesn’t remember when she last was able to open her mouth. But, due doctors’ efforts, now, she can open her mouth.

Fatima consulted many doctors in Yemen. But, nothing worked. Owing to which, she decided to visit India and take treatment.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr J B Garde, Consulting Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Pune said, “20 days ago, Fatima visited me complaining of mouth closure, head and ear pain. She was suffering from this problem since birth. Not only this, she doesn’t even remember, the last time she opened her mouth.”

In her medical test, it was revealed that there is a small tumour near ear lobe. And the joint gets fused to skull bone This tumour is known as Osteoma.

As per Dr Garde, “Fatima cannot swallow food. Hence, she cannot eat. She has been surviving on just liquid diet. After 4 hour surgery, we removed the tumour which has enabled an appropriate moment of her muscles. After 29 years, she can open her mouth.”

Know about Osteoma:  

  • It can occur due to two reasons
  • Ear lobe injury and abnormal growth of the muscles around the ear lobe
  • Bone sticks to the skull bone
  • Due to which one cannot open mouth
  • This tumour is rare

Dentist Dr Prachi SS said, “Osteomas are rare tumors with incidence of 0.1% – 1% of all benign tumours of skull. They are usually asymptomatic unless it gradually increases in size to cause cosmetic disfigurement and sometimes pain. Surgery may be needed if a benign tumour is painful, interferes with hearing, or leads to frequent ear infections. In severe cases it leads to this condition where patient couldn’t open his/her mouth.”