Pune doctors help accident victim to restore his natural tooth

Around two months ago, a 20-year-old, met with an accident in Pune. In the fatal accident he lost his tooth located in his upper jaw. The doctors at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in Pune helped him restore his natural tooth

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These days, tooth implant technique is widely used. Replanting the natural tooth and helping the patient to recover with the help of replanting the natural tooth is rare. Arun Patil, (name changed), visited the doctor with the tooth wrapped in paper. The tooth was muddy when it was brought to the hospital. The doctors at the SGH cleaned the dirt on the tooth and washed off. Then, it was immersed in normal saline.

Dr Samir Khaire, Assistant Professor Department of Dentistry, said, “The oral wound was evaluated and gently irrigated with normal saline and betadine. Patient was given an oral dose of antibiotics prior to replacing the tooth in its socket. Under local anaesthesia, the avulsed tooth was placed back in its socket and splinted in position with an arch bar. The splint was maintained for three weeks and the Patient was followed up on the weekly basis. After three weeks, the splint was removed under local anaesthesia. The splinted tooth showed no signs of discoloration and mobility.”

Experts said people should remember that saving the natural teeth should always be the priority rather than going for the artificial implants.The doctors said that when road accidents are on rise, people should understand that if the tooth is preserved, it can be saved. The patient’s tissue accepted the replanted tooth. People should know original tooth can be replanted and natural tooth should be preserved.