Pune doctor walks 8 km in 4 hours to perform emergency surgery

On July 09, it was difficult to drive from some parts of Pune, as a few roads were closed for a Palkhi procession, in order to offer his service to a medical emergency, a city doctor walked for four hours to perform surgery on his patient

Pune doctor walks 8 km in 4 hours to perform emergency surgery

It was the day of a Palkhi procession in Pune, when parts of the city were shut. Dr Sushil J Deshmukh, a Kalyani Nagar resident, walked 8 kms to Loni railway station, and then took a lift from a motorcyclist. Having started walking at 10 a.m., it was only 3 p.m. by which he arrived at his Vishwaraj Hospital in Loni Kalbhor.

After reaching the hospital from Hadpasar, the doctor who almost entirely covered a long distance on foot, performed an urgent laparoscopy on the patient.

The patient named Nitin Nathaji Raybhan, is a resident of  and was diagnosed with a ruptured liver abscess (RLA) of almost 22 cm, when he reached to the hospital, just a day before his scheduled operation.

Raybhan had already undergone a liver surgery earlier in January. Even as he felt the discomfort in his abdominal area, he had to walk for an hour to reach the hospital, as the roads were shut on July 08 too.

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Dr Sushil J Deshmukh with his patient Nitin Raybhan

Dr Deshmukh, who is the general and laparoscopic surgeon at Vishwaraj Hospital, said, “RLA can be fatal and can lead to sepsis, empyema or peritonitis. He had to be treated urgently. I am the only surgeon who works at Vishwaraj Hospital. I had to reach there by using whatever means possible.”

“After I crossed Loni railway station, I stopped a biker who gave me a lift to the hospital. Meanwhile, I was speaking to the hospital staff on the phone and instructing them to stabilise the patient and make pre-operative arrangements,” he said.

When he reached the hospital at 3 p.m., he directly went to the operation theatre. A laparoscopy was performed and 700 ml of pus was removed.

Chanda Raybhan, the patient’s wife, said, “It was difficult for us to get him to the hospital, as we had to walk for almost an hour. We are thankful to the doctor who did all this for us.”

Dr Deshmukh said that the patient condition is now stable and will soon be discharged.