Pune: Doctor organises exhibition underlining why anaesthesiologists are unsung heroes

On the operation table, our lives are in the hands of the anaesthesiologist. Even though they play such a crucial role, during highly sensitive procedures, their contribution is often overlooked by the patients. It is therefore imperative for people to understand the importance of the anaesthetist. And what they do, how to cooperate with them and why their role is so pivotal? It is for this very reason that an anaesthetist from the Pune has arranged an exhibition displaying posters which is giving information on all things related to anaesthesia

During an operation, our life is in the hands of the anaesthesiologists. But despite the highly sensitive role that they play, they are all but invisible to their patients.


Patients will always remember the name of their surgeon, but a very few will know the name of their anaesthesiologist . The training of anaesthesiologists is as long as that of a surgeon. They are everywhere in the hospital. And play an important role in easing the suffering of the patients. If the anaesthesiologists makes a single mistake, things may go wrong and they might accidentally kill somebody. But still they remain unsung heroes of all medical procedure.


It is therefore important for people to understand what an anaesthesiologists does, how to cooperate with him or her and why their role is important? It is for this very reason that an anaesthesiologists from the city has arranged an exhibition displaying posters which is giving information on all such things related to anaesthesia

Dr Maya Bhalerao, an anaesthesiologists from Nigdi, Pune, has arranged a unique exhibition at Bhalerao ENT hospital in Nigdi. The exhibition which was inaugurated on October 16 is open till November 04. She plans to display the exhibition at different public spaces in future.


“It is always life and death situation for us. Usually in case of emergency it is anaesthetist who needs to take crucial decision in as short period as three to four minutes. We are not just giving anaesthesia but monitoring different things like fluid, blood loss, heart pumping and blood pressure at the same time. But, sad part is people are not aware about this branch of medicine,” Dr Bhalerao said.

The posters give information about history of anaesthesia and interesting facts about it. “Even today, people think that anaesthesiologists is some technician who has done some small course. I have made one poster which underlines that even anaesthesiologists are doctors who have done MBBS. It is imperative that anaesthetist should be made aware about certain things allergies, blood pressure, earlier surgeries, and diabetes by the patient, Patients take these things casually. The posters highlight these points too,” added Dr Bhalerao.

The poster titled enemies of anaesthesia mentions that alcohol; smoking should not be done before anaesthesia. There are posters who give insights about types of anaesthesia, risks involved while giving it and under what circumstances it is challenging task. All the posters are in Marathi language and written in such a way that they are simple for common people to understand.

Dr Shobha Joshi, President of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologist Pimpri-Chinchwad Branch, said, “In the medical world, the branch of anaesthesia is more than 150 year old, but yet people are not aware about it. The posters are appealing and easy to understand. They will be helpful in making people aware about it.”