Pune doctor helps woman deliver child in autorickshaw

A woman delivered a child inside an autorickshaw on Tuesday, October 23. This incident occurred around 2 p.m. in Pune’s Ghorpadi area


It was a regular Tuesday afternoon for Neeta Kulhe, a resident of Panchsheel Nagar, when she suddenly her stomach started paining. She got outside her house and hailed a rickshaw, so that she could go to the hospital.

During the course of her journey, Neeta went into labour. Due to the traffic jam ahead the auto could go no further. Neeta was in immense distress. At the same time Dr Vidya Mane was passing by the rickshaw and she realised that Neeta was in labour.

Luckily, the clinic where Dr Mane worked at was nearby. She immediately arranged for the necessary things and asked a few of her colleague to help her in delivering the baby.

When they reached the rickshaw, Dr Mane put a plank as partition so that they could cover the woman’s modesty. The doctors successfully managed to deliver the child.

While narrating the incident Dr Mane said, “The rickshaw could not move ahead due to the traffic. As the lady was excessively bleeding, I realised that the woman and child were in danger if the delivery was not done on time.”

She added, “We successfully managed to deliver the baby and cut the umbilical cord. She gave birth to a girl. After the child was delivered, we took the mother and child into the clinic and treated them. We let them go after sometime.”

Dr Mane concluded saying, “I was overjoyed that I could save the life of a girl child.”