Pune docs save a woman who suffered a near-death fall 

A 30-year-old woman accidentally fell from a high rise in Hinjewadi. The woman does not remember about her fall or hitting her head, fracturing both the thighs, injuring her spine, or even losing her teeth. The doctors save her life and expect a full recovery within three months

Accident and Emergency Fracture
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The family of a Anjali Pawar (name changed) a 30-year-old woman  will never forget the experience they had in the past two weeks in their entire lives. As the woman does not remember about her fall from the fourth floor from a high-rise building in Hinjewadi.

Pawar neither remembers about the fall, nor does she remember hitting her head, fracturing both the thighs, injuring her spine, or even losing her teeth.

It all started on one afternoon when her child accidentally locked itself into their apartment. On hearing the cries of her child, she attempted to enter her house through the balcony from the flat above their flat.

Accidentally, she lost her footing and fell from the fourth floor. As Pawar laid unconscious in a pool of blood, she was rushed to Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi, Pune.

“The patient was on the borderline of consciousness when she was wheeled into the emergency room. Her tongue was obstructing her airway, and she was barely breathing. On examination, we realised that she was a polytrauma patient with multiple fractures. Both her legs, including thighs and knees, pelvis, spine, eye sockets, upper and lower jaw were severely fractured. She’d lost her front row of teeth, as well,” said Dr Sudheer Rai, COO, Head of Department, Accident and Emergency, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi.

Dr Rai added, “Her blood pressure drastically declined at 60/40, we took all emergency measures to stabilise her. She was constantly losing blood – close to 2.5 litres since the fall. To control her blood pressure, we pushed fluids into her body through an endotracheal tube, inserted through her mouth. We splinted the fractures, stabilised her and shifted her to the ICU for further observation.”

The person’s age, the height of the fall, the nature of the surface hit, and the body part that first touches the ground are all factors in the severity of the injuries and the prognosis for recovery.

Fortunately, she had her age in her side. Although life-threatening, patient’s stability in the ICU would become a crucial factor for any further treatment. In cases, such as hers, the hallmark of care for polytrauma is a patient-centered, interdisciplinary approach that works with the injured individual to address all aspects of the injury as it impacts the person’s life in the long run.

Her specialist doctor, Dr Swaraj Sathe, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi, said, “We soon realised all her fractures on the left side of the body were bleeding which was an indication of a muscular injury. Next day, when the patient was stable enough for surgery, we operated on her left thigh, knee, and foot in an 8-hour long procedure.”

Dr Sathe added, “At the same time, our maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Pushkar Gadre operated on her upper, and lower jaw. After a day, we performed surgery on her right knee, and thigh. Fortunately, her spine and pelvis did not need to be operated upon as sufficient rest would heal the bones on their own.”

Fifteen days later, she is conscious, talking, and able to move her limbs. Currently, she is being fed by the tube, and her husband is hopeful and prays for her speedy recovery.

Dr Rai further added, “If you look at the medical facts and the chances of survival you will know that this is a miracle. Since the beginning, our goal for the patient was not just survival, but functional survival. Within three months, we expect the patient to make a complete recovery with the help of physiotherapy.”

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