Pune doc says no to illegal abortion, gets brutally attacked

Today, the cases of patients mercilessly attacking doctors are rising. In one such unfortunate incident in Pune, on September 9, a gynaecologist from in Pimple Gurav area was allegedly attacked by a sharp weapon. The episode occurred after he refused to perform an illegal abortion on woman, who was more than five months pregnant

Pune doc says no to illegal abortion, gets brutally attacked

The role of a doctor is to remove the miseries and save the life of a person, but, today, the one who saves uncounted life is struggling to save his own, for all the right reasons. Dr Amol Bidkar, who runs Sakhi Maternity home in Pimple Gurav was attacked by the patient’s relatives, after which, he has registered an FIR with Sangavi police station on September 9.

Pune doc says no to illegal abortion, gets brutally attacked
Dr Amol Bidkar

In India, abortion is legal under specific conditions, up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to police, the complainant has alleged that a fortnight ago, an unmarried couple had approached him in his maternity home and saying they want to terminate the pregnancy. After investigation, it was revealed that woman was more than five months pregnant owing to which Dr Bidkar refused to carry out her abortion.

The complainant had alleged that on Saturday night, some people including the man who had approached him with the woman, came to his clinic and asked him to perform the abortion. The police said that when Dr Bidkar refused to perform abortion, one of them took out a sharp weapon and attacked him twice.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Amol Bidkar said, “On August 22, the patient came to me and I treated her, as she was 4 months pregnant. The couple asked me to carry out an illegal abortion, to which I strongly objected. They left and came back =after eight to ten days. On September 9, since 7:00 pm, he came to my OPD and around 9:30 to 10:00 pm, he came inside and asked me to carry out illegal abortion, to which I again refused.

He added, “Then he removed the sharp object and attacked me. My left shoulder and fingers were injured. And the phone which was in my hand fell own and is completely damaged. Somehow, I managed to run out of the room.”

Meanwhile, around 200 doctors are planning to hold a meeting on September 11, to discuss about what medical fraternity should do over the increasing incidences of attacks on doctors.

Dr Pradeep Nanaware, President, Sangavi-Pimple Gurav Doctor’s Association, said, “In this case, police have invoked section 324 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), which is voluntarily causing hurt. We have demanded that section 307 of the IPC, which is attempt to murder, to be invoked in this case. The attack was clearly an attempt on life of the doctor.”