Pune doc appeals to other doctors to contribute to the National Defence Fund

A Pune-based doctor, through social media, has appealed the citizens to contribute for National Defence Fund. He has donated Rs 2,10,000 which is spent on different types of equipment for one soldier for one year. He has resolved to do it every year


A Pune-based doctor, Dr Gopal Gawade, has donated Rs 2,10,000 in the National Defence Fund and asking other doctors to do the same. Around 100 people had called him post-Pulwama attack.

“I did calculations and found that the government spends Rs 2,10,000 for one soldier. So, I thought of donating that amount from the income that I get after visiting different hospitals,” said Dr Gawade, a physician from Pune.

“After the Pulwama attacks, I have appealed citizens, on different social media platforms, to donate money in National Defence Fund. I have got a huge response. I have got more than 100 phone calls asking me about how to make donations. People from across Maharashtra inquired about NDF. I have even asked other doctors to contribute, and many doctors have already done,” he added.

Dr Gawade further said, “Even if every citizen donates Rs 100, we will be able to give around one lakh crore for defence when our defence budget is around three lakh crore. The soldiers had asked for a bulletproof jacket in the year 2004, but they got it in 2016. If we donate, we will be able to equip our military with the best types of equipment. In this way, we can ensure good deterrence so that enemies do not attack us.”

Dr Meenakshi Deshpande, Secretary of Pune IMA, said, “A soldier does not die, they become ‘Shahid’ for the nation, and it is, therefore, the responsibility of citizens to help them. A doctor donating and making others aware is a great initiative. We as IMA also appeal to all doctors to contribute to our soldiers in whatever way they can.”