Pune: Dengue threat still looms over city

Although the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) health department has increased surveillance against the rising number of dengue cases, a huge number of cases are is still reported in the PMC

Pune: Dengue threat still looms over the city

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)’s health department is struggling with dengue cases with areas like Yerwada, Kalas, Dhanori topping the list with maximum dengue deaths. The suspected patients in this month itself are 202 with five deaths, so far.

According to the data given by the health department, after Yerwada-Kalas-Dhanori, Kasbapeth, Vishrambaugh, Bhavani Peth and Dhole Patil road ward offices are prominent areas where maximum number of dengue sites were found by the insect control department of the PMC health department.

Within PMC limits, as a measure to stop the growing number of dengue patients in the city, around 41,489 dengue sites were found and they were treated with insecticides by the department. But, in the month of December so far 440 confirmed cases are registered with the health department.

The department has collected administrative charges of Rs 4,12,903 between June 19 to December 8 this year from the private property owners who have neglected their premises due to which there was mosquito breeding found by PMC workers. But in spite of these efforts the dengue deaths are still getting registered in the city.

According to PMC officials, the surveillance measures are going. Kalpana Baliwant, head of the insect control department at PMC said that new measures are undertaken.

“More residents should do fogging as a female adult mosquito lays a total of 450 eggs in her lifetime. If she is infected with dengue then all the eggs she lays are also infected with dengue. Hence, eliminating these infected adult mosquitoes is important for which fogging is very efficient,” added Baliwant.

Confirmed cases of dengue in 2017

  • January – 8
  • February – 2
  • March – 4
  • April – 5
  • May – 3
  • June – 6
  • July – 58
  • August – 234
  • September – 251
  • October – 526
  • November – 448
  • December (so far) -70