Pune: Button cell burst inside 11-month-old baby’s stomach

The incident occurred on Saturday morning when the baby, who was playing at home, got hold of a remote. While playing, he accidentally swallowed the cell. Doctors operated on the child and safely removed the burst cell

Pune: Button cell removed from 11-month-old baby’s stomach

  • 11-month-old Hujefa Tamboli from Aalandi, Maharashtra had accidentally swallowed a button cell while playing at home.
  • He was immediately rushed to a private hospital.
  • Doctors managed to remove the cell from Hujefa’s stomach, with the help of endoscopic surgery.

As soon as his parents found out had swallowed the cell, they took him to a private hospital. Doctors performed an endoscopic surgery and managed to remove the cell.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Mandar Doiphade, a consultant gastroenterologist and GI endoscopic surgeon from Gastro Hub Hospital Pune, said, “The button cell had got stuck in the upper layer of the oesophagus. We have performed the surgery by giving full anaesthesia. We have kept him on the saline, as of now. The surgery lasted for over one hour. We pushed the cell in the gastric tract and then removed it.”

An X ray image of the child's gastric tract
An X ray image of the child’s gastric tract

“Fortunately, the baby came to the hospital in nick of a time. As the cell comes in contact with the acids in the body, the layer of the cell dissolves quickly. Owing to which, he has suffered internal burn injuries to the oesophagus. But, the cell did not dissolve completely; otherwise, it would have complicated matters further.”

This is not the first incident, that is has been reported when a toddler or a baby had accidentally swallowed a cell or a coin.