Pune: Bike accidents amount for 85% of trauma cases

When any trauma case is reported in a hospital, doctors say the go undocumented. According to the orthopaedic experts of Pune, around 85 per cent cases of severe trauma is caused due to accidents by two-wheelers


In an interaction with orthopaedics experts from the Pune Trauma Course 2018, the city witnesses 85 per cent trauma cases due to accidents caused by two-wheelers. The doctors said first medical intervention at the sight of accident can not only save lives of a victim, but also ensure that the limb and other wounds are tended to properly.

Speaking at the interaction, Dr Mohit Bhandari, Professor and academic chairman of division of orthopaedic research at the McMaster University said, “With more and more people facing trauma, it has a larger impact on everyone. But if we can reach to first respondents it can become more effective. As these first respondents can save the life of the victim and also prevent major infections by undertaking simple efforts.”

He further explained that the trauma is a global epidemic. He added that under a study named ‘INORMUS’ studied over 40,000 patients.

Out of these 40,000, India houses 10,000. These patients were individually studied. It is striking to see that even the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations have agreed that there is no documentation of trauma cases across the globe. However it is important to improve treatment for these patients.

Speaking about the Pune scenario, Dr Chetan Pradhan from Sancheti Hospital said that last year around 3,000 cases of trauma had come to their hospital.

“Around five patients of trauma or accident come to the hospital each day. What is more striking is that out of the total patients coming to us, around 85 per cent patients are victims of two-wheeler accidents. This number is negligible in foreign countries,” said Pradhan.

While speaking about old age injuries Pradhan mentioned that the trauma injuries are different from the injuries that happen in old age. “Many times after the hip surgeries, old patients do not start walking. But we are working on techniques that will ensure that the patients should start walking in 24 hours. This is now possible because of the advancement technology.”

Speaking about the orthopaedic implants, Pradhan explained that 8 out of 10 patients in the hospital get an implant manufactured in India as they are more affordable. He emphasized that implants made by Indian manufacturers can also be used in the surgery as they are of good quality.