Pune-based doctor develops portable ‘Human Milk Pasteuriser’

This machine makes the setting up of ‘Human Milk Banks’ easy and affordable for even minor paediatric hospitals and healthcare entrepreneurs

Pune-based innovator develops portable ‘Human Milk Pasteuriser’

Insufficient lactation in mothers is a common problem that results in depriving the new born infants of mother’s milk; breast milk is the best source of nutrition that protects the infants from illnesses and infections that they are prone to.

This problem can be overcome by setting up ‘Human Milk Banks’ that collect mother’s milk from donors and preserve it for needy infants.

Dr Sudhir Waghmare, a Pune-based innovator and Director, Shreeyash Electro Medicals, has invented the first portable Human Milk Pasteuriser, called ‘Kimie’ that can pasteurise human milk from 15ml to 300ml.

This human milk pasteurising machine was developed and manufactured in India by Shreeyash Electro Medicals. It was launched in Pune.

This compact machine requires minimal space and costs around Rs 8 lakhs.

The heart of a human milk banks is through a Human Milk Pasteuriser which, so far has been imported from France. These imported machines require 250, square feet of space and cost around Rs 50 lakhs.

Due to heavy initial investment and high recurring costs, many hospitals can’t afford this facility, thus depriving many infants of their rightful nourishment.

“About 2 million child deaths can be prevented every year through breastfeeding. I was therefore determined to design and develop a world class machine that would be affordable for every hospital in India, so that no child is deprived of the best source of nourishment that is mother’s milk,” said Dr Waghmare.