Pune film-maker makes a short film on mobile addiction

Cell phones are causing trouble in relationships. Anyone who has tried to have a conversation with someone only to notice that the other person is looking down at his or her phone. Now, a Pune based young film-maker has made a short film 'The Drainage' on this pivotal issue. The film is produced by actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Magic IF Films and Mukesh Chabra casting company. It will be screened in different cities in India, after its screening in Mumbai


  • Ambadas, the protagonist of this short film is farm labourer. His new smartphone falls in a dry drainage. For the next 24 hours, he struggles to rescue his phone. The story touches upon the subtle changes in the society.
  • Finally, Ambadas enters the drainage and realises how lonely is he in this populated world. The lid gets shut from where he entered the drainage and he gets trapped inside. But, would he be free?

The short film depicts how everyone around wants to get indulged in the virtual world through the smart phone use. The short film will be screened for the first time in a film festival called ‘Bolati Khidki’ in Mumbai.

Vikrant Badarkhe
Vikrant Badarkhe

Vikrant Badarkhe, a 28-year-old film-maker from Pune said, “When two men are walking besides each other and one of them is busy in his phone, he is so much into it that he is left behind. We all are those who have been left behind. We have various mediums to communicate to the other, but we don’t know who do we want to communicate to? The mobile phone has become an extension of our body.”

He added, “Today, networking has become easy. But, unfortunately personal interaction is being compromised. It has come down to exchange of messages. The mobile has a parallel universe where each human behaves like he has been deserted on an inhuman island. He forgets that there is any life around.”



While talking about how mobile has affected communication between family members, he said, “We are sending messages through phone but there is no dialogue taking place between the family members. Still, we are unaware about how to use virtual social platforms. Also, there are many health hazards that come with the excessive use of mobile phone. This short film is an attempt to highlight all these aspects.”