Pune: B J Medical College hosts seminar on generic drugs

Under the directives of Government of India, Department of Pharmaceuticals, B J Medical College organised a one day seminar on promotion of generic drugs at the MG Auditorium on March 19. More than 300 doctors including interns, faculty of all medical colleges in and around Pune attended the seminar

Pune: B J Medical College host seminar on generic drugs

The goal for achieving health for all is a massive responsibility for the Ministry of Health.  Its further challenging to achieve this target in the face of rising costs of drugs, consumables and medical procedures.  One of the initiatives by the Government in order to achieve this goal is introduction of the policy for prescribing by generic names.

The seminar was inaugurated by Dean of Sassoon Hospital and BJ Medical College, Dr Ajay Chandanwale and other dignitaries.  The first session of the seminar dealt with the Indian scenario and Global Context of the Generic Drugs.

Dr Chandanwale in his keynote address said that the event was success in terms of awareness of faculties and medical students the facts related to effectiveness of generic medicine. Society and patients at large will benefit from this seminar.

Dr Abhay Saraf, Director of Public Health, IQVIA presented the global scenario of generic drug use and how drug industry in India has evolved domestically as well as in expert markets highlighting that 20% of the world’s generic medicine supplies are from Indian manufacturers.

Department of Pharmaceuticals and BPPI have launched an initiative under the name of Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Pratiyojana to make drugs available to common man at affordable costs, thus trying to approach the goal of health for all.

R.N. Nandi, Quality consultant BPPI, elaborated upon the stringent quality assurance and quality control measures taken to ensure that generic medicines available at the Jan Aushadi Kendra are of standards that match their branded versions available in the market, making them safe and effective and yet affordable.

The Government of India, under this initiative welcomes individuals, NGOs, pharmacist and hospitals to apply for Jan Aushadhi Kendra and help to serve the health sector.  As on incentive for such measures, the Govt. of India would help by providing funds worth Rs 2.5 lakhs under different heads to the applicants.

Dhiraj Sharma from the Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking of India (BPPI) appealed to all to spread awareness of cost-effective medicines available at such Jan Aushadhi Kendras among the lay man.