Pune: After six years, doctors dislodge 8 cm wooden twig that was stuck in boy’s nose

Doctors at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), Pune took out a twig that was around 8 cm, which was stuck between nose and vertebral column of 15 year-old child. The foreign body that was stuck there since the last six years and was successfully taken out by the doctors


Suraj Savant, resident of Nepal, fell from a tree around six years back. A twig had penetrated his eyes and went inside his nose. The doctors operated and took out half of twig that was protruding out; the stick that was inside the nose could not be removed by several doctors who he had visited.

The CT scan at the Sassoon General Hospital revealed that around 8 cm foreign body was stuck between nose and vertebral column. Doctors mentioned that this was a very rare case as the foreign body remained at the critical place for around six years.

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Dr Samir Joshi, head of ENT department of the SGH, said, “He had seen many doctors but none of them could remove his pain. We were struggling for half an hour but it was difficult to remove. The surgery was risky. If it could have led to breaking of vertebral column, it could have led to paralysis of the patient.”

The surgery was performed with the technique of endoscopy. When removal of foreign body after few days is usual procedure, this was an unusual case considering the time period that it was inside the body and size of it. After the difficult surgery, the boy is doing well.