Pune: 50-yr-old woman donates kidney, saves daughters-in-law’s life

A mother-in-law in Maharashtra has broken stereotypes and set an example of love by donating a kidney to her daughter-in-law, who was suffering from renal failure

50-yr-old woman donates kidney, saves daughters-in-law’s life

Batul Haji Sayyad, a 50-year-old woman donated her kidney in Jehangir Hospital, Pune to her 30-year-old-daughter in law, Nazema Awjein Sayyad. The three hours surgery which was performed on June 15 helped give her daughter-in-law new lease of life.

A resident of Sangamner in Pune, Nazema has a child and had been a patient of nephrologist Dr Sriniwas Ambike since February 2016.

Dr Ambike said, “The patient had renal failure, because of which she suffered from high blood pressure, which was difficult to control. Transplant was the best solution since the patient is so young, especially when a suitable donor was available.”

While kidney transplants between families are possible, but what makes this surgery rare and laudable is that this was a mother-in-law giving her kidney to the daughter-in-law.

“Nazema’s parents, though willing to donate, were unfit for this transplant due to their medical conditions. But it was her mother-in-law who came forward and volunteered to give the kidney immediately. She has been discharged now and doing well and her blood pressure is also under control. Creatinine levels are now normal,” Dr Ambike said.

Transplant co-ordinator Vrinda Pusalkar said, “They didn’t hesitate at all in giving clearances and we were able to accomplish the readiness for the surgery in good time.”

Operating surgeon Deepak Kirpekar highlights the case in the perspective of changing equations in today’s society. He said, “We have always heard of mother in law and daughter in law being at loggerheads. Here one is saving the daughter in law’s life. The blood groups matched so plasmapheresis and prep did not need to be done. So it was an easy surgery in all.”

Nazema Sayyad, the recipient, said, “Initially, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder during my pregnancy and had high blood pressure. I was later asked to do a test and my creatinine levels were at 5.6 (very high). I had to move to Pune to get dialysis done twice a week. My mother-in-law had to take care of my son. My mother-in-law decided to do this to improve our lives. She said, “I’ve decided to this so that one kidney will save three lives – yours, my son’s and my grandson’s.”

Dr Avantika Bhat, the anaesthetist, said, “The surgery went very smoothly. There were no complications and it took three hours making the end result absolutely positive.”

A team of four surgeons, Dr Nitin Gadgil, Dr Ketan Pai along with Dr Kirpekar, Dr Yogesh Sohoni and vascular surgeon Dr Dhanesh Kamerkar worked on this case to ensure a successful surgery.