10-yr-old donates hair to cancer patients, sets an example

The cancer patients, during chemotherapy, lose their hair. After seeing the plight of the patients, ten-year-old, Aditi Jain, hails from Pune, Maharashtra, has donated her hair to an NGO


Usually, how would a ten-year-old kid react? Mummy, I want this doll, or Papa I want that cycle. It is normal right. However, have you seen a ten-year-old pursuing her parents to donate her hair? No, then you must meet Aditi Jain.

Aditi, who hails from Pune, Maharashtra, who convinced her parents, and donated her hair, with the help of an NGO Madat.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Arpana Jain, Aditi’s mother, said, “Around two months ago, Aditi saw some cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. She asked me, what can be done for these patients. With a very casual remark, I said we can donate your hair. However, Aditi took hair donation like her mission and donated her hair.”

Aditi Jain
Aditi Jain

Aditi, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “After my mother told me that I can donate the hair, a fortnight ago, I donated them. While I was donating my hair, I was sad, but my hair will be useful for someone. Many cancer patients will be benefited from this. Therefore, now I am happy.”

Arpana added, “When Aditi was firm to donate her hair, I did some research on the Internet, and got to know about an NGO called Madat. I got in touch with them and expressed my desire to donate her hair. We have sent hair to the NGO.”

However, after reading Aditi’s story, if you plan to donate your hair, read the following. As not everybody can donate their hair.

Who can donate their hair?

  • Hair should be over 21 to 22 inches long
  • Hair should not be coloured
  • If you have done hair straightening, then you cannot donate hair

Aditi’s mother Arpana concluded saying, “There is not much awareness about hair donation. My humble appeal to the people is, if possible, we all should donate hair. It is not very expensive and the happiness which you can see on the face of the cancer patient is priceless.”