Pump up: 3d model of heart for complex heart surgeries

Medical field is constantly evolving with the new path-breaking technologies. Now, it is possible to perform a mock surgery by making a 3d model of the heart, which is also used for multiple procedures. Doctors across the field are using the model, for being accurate. However, doctors also opine that it should be used only when needed

Pump up: 3d model of heart for complex heart surgeries

Medicine is a field that is constantly upgrading itself to keep up with the innovations in the world. Keeping with the pace, one of the commonly used techniques in the fraternity is the 3d printing model for the purpose of greater accuracy.

Mitesh Patil  (name changed) an eight-year-old boy, who came to Fortis hospital in Mulund with a complex heart defect. The kid presented a condition named Double-outlet right ventricle (DORV). He weighed about 6.8 kg and the complaint that the parents came up with was the fact that he didn’t gain weight, at all.

Dr Swati Garekar, a paediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Mulund said, “We had two options in the case. We did have the option of a three part surgery or we could attempt repair. That’s when we made a 3d model and of his heart so that we could perform a mock surgery on the model before actually performing the surgery. That’s when we decided to go ahead with a complete repair of his heart. He is doing better.”

She added, “In the year 2015, we were the first in the country to start with the technique of this 3d printing model for paediatric cardiology. However, now it is being used in different hospitals for multiple procedures. One, it is very useful because the complex procedures are first done on the model. Secondly, it is a great teaching modality.”

And like Dr Garekar said, doctors across the field are using the model for the increasing need of being accurate. “The model is a great teaching modality for students. But what we must remember is that this is not to be used unless, necessary. It is also an expensive procedure,” said Dr Kshitij Sheth, interventional paediatric cardiologist at Fortis hospital, PD Hinduja hospital and many other city hospitals.