‘Pulse – The Lifeline in Danger,’ a short film on doctor’s assault

In a unique attempt to shine a light upon the struggles and strife of medical professionals, four doctors have made a short film to reach out to people and make them aware of the hardships they face. It’s not easy being a doctor, when you can be attacked for no mistake of your own. The film hopes to make people the importance of treating doctors with dignity

‘Pulse – The Lifeline in Danger,’ a documentary on doctor’s assault
A still from the short film

A few doctors from Maharashtra have come together and developed a short film  upon the plight of doctors in the country and the difficulties and injustices they face. Doctors act as healers, but people take the law into their own hands and assault doctors, holding them wrongly responsible for the death of patients.

The short film titled, ‘Pulse – The Lifeline in Danger,’ is centred on the life of a doctor who works hard for the betterment of people.

The short film highlights how a doctor works hard to save life of patients and in spite of that there are attacks happening on doctors. He does his best to treat his patients and save them from health issues. But today his work is being questioned and his very existence is in jeopardy. The story conveyed is that of a young doctor who loses his life, even though it wasn’t his fault.

This short film aims to elaborate the situation which most doctors face in India and many other countries throughout the world.

The concept and story is by Dr Amol Kadu who is ophthalmologist from Nagpur. Screenplay is by Dr Pradeep Awachar, Dr Amol Kadu and Rohit Gadge.

It underlines the environment of fear that doctors go through while treating the patients after the recent incidents of attacks on doctors. 82 per cent of the doctors feel stressed in their profession.

Dr Amol Kadu, who has created the concept and story of this short film said, “Carrying out marches after attacks is not the only solution. It might lead to more violence. We thought of using social media and creating awareness so that they think before touching any doctor. Where is sympathy towards doctors? People’s perspectives towards doctors should change.”

Dr Pradeep Awachar, concluded saying, “Recent attacks on doctors prompted us to make this short film . This is noble profession. Doctors get mentally disturbed when they face such attacks.”