‘Jab They Met’… After 18 years

It was an emotional moment when a girl who was saved by the doctor met him after eighteen years. Nothing unusual right? But, you would be surprised and happy to know why their meeting was special. As around 18 years ago, the doctor had saved the pregnant woman who then had delivered a baby girl. The small baby has now turned in to an 18-year-old girl who aspires to become a doctor similarly like the doctor who gave her and her mother a new life


After scoring well in NEET exam, Pratiksha Khusape has now got an admission in Government Medical College, Miraj, whose dream is to become a doctor and serve to people. When she has recently started perusing medicine, her tryst with Dr Sanjay Shivade who, 18 years ago saved her mother was indeed blissful.

Pratiksha met the doctor at the small village named ‘Lonand’ in Sangli district of Maharashtra and gave
sweets to him. After which, the doctor gifted her stethoscope. It was an incredible moment for her mother who could not stop herself from shedding tears of happiness.

On Tuesday, Pratiksha who met Dr Sanjay Shivade, said, “I wanted to meet the doctor who saved my mother and without whom I might not have survived. I wanted to thank him for treating us and wanted to take some motivation from him, before I start my studies. Now, I have returned with this precious stethoscope and many insights on medical profession.”

Pratiksha Khusape with Dr Sanjay Shivade
Pratiksha Khusape with Dr Sanjay Shivade

Dr Shivade informed, “This the real receipt for our work. I started my practice in this small village around 30 years ago when no vehicle could come here. It was very remote to have good medical facility. This meet was a pleasant surprise to me and these are the moments that any doctor would like to cherish for his lifetime.”

Around 18 years ago, Pratiksha’s mother was nine month pregnant when her condition worsened and she started having seizures. “Some doctors in the vicinity denied treating her as her condition was very severe. When she came to me, the heart beats of the child had become irregular. I tried my best and we were able to save both the mother and child,” said Shivade.

Savita Khusape, Pratiksha’s mother, said, “Since the day she decided to become a doctor, I wanted her to meet the doctor who gave us a new lease of life. Had he not treated me on that day, the situation could have been different today. I wanted my daughter to take his blessings before she starts with her studies and become the lifesaver doctor like him one day.”