Preity Zinta’s workout routine will inspire you to hit the gym

Actor Preity Zinta’s body is in fighting shape. Maybe one of her Instagram videos will give you some inspiration for a new workout to try?


Bollywood actress Preity Zinta knows it well how to maintain her professional life along with fitness. The actress, who has a comeback film slated for an October release takes her fitness quite seriously.

Well, this is not the first time that Preity has shared her workout video, in fact, the actress quite often hit the gym and share her workout video regularly. Her gym routines have given her fans major fitness goals.

Take a look at a video posted by the actor on Instagram. Preity captions it saying, “Pull ups are the toughest things to do ( but possible with help) and great for upper body strength.”

The ease with which Preity seems to be doing the exercise clearly proves how physically strong and energetic she is.

Preity has always been open about how fitness and consistent exercise is important in making her feel strong and healthy.

Whether she’s smiling, stretching, or doing a crazy dynamic workout, Preity is going full force – and inspiring everyone who follows her.