Pregnant woman falls from local train, female cop rushes to her aid

For Mumbaikars, taking the local train to work is a daily affair. But even this task which is supposed to be mundane is fraught with risk. This is illustrated in a recent incident which took place where in a pregnant commuter fell down from a moving train


On Wednesday, September 26, around 10 a.m. in the morning, a pregnant woman boarded the Andheri-Churchgate local. After the train crossed Khar station, she came forward toward to disembark at the next station.

All of a sudden she felt dizzy and feel down from the running train. A female police constable who was travelling with the lady in the same compartment froze in horror when she witnessed this accident. She waited till the train halted at Bandra station and then ran towards the woman to help her.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jogeshwari police constable, Rupali Merjari, said, “The train had left Khar, and this lady who was standing suddenly lost her balance and fell onto the tracks. She had fallen in between two separate railway tracks. I was shell shocked when I saw this, but I told myself as soon as this train halts at Bandra I’m going to rush to help this lady.”

Jogeshwari police constable, Rupali Merjari
Jogeshwari police constable, Rupali Merjari

Constable Merjari further said, “I didn’t realise that I could be putting my own life at risk, if a coming train could have hit me, but at that moment in time I could not think of anything apart from helping this pregnant lady. When I reached by her side, I found out that she was knocked unconscious by the impact. She had injuries around her mouth and she had also badly injured her head, and blood was seeping from her head.”

Merjari added, “I called on for a stretcher, by that time she had regained her consciousness. We called her husband and he immediately took her and admitted her to the hospital.”

The pregnant woman was admitted to Bandra’s Bhabha Hospital. Doctors at the hospital informed that her condition is now stable and she is recovering from the accident. Doctors also revealed that the unborn child was miraculously unhurt. The woman is glad that her baby is safe. This was truly a miracle wherein this woman was protected by a divine force. While railway accidents in Mumbai are common, this incident though gruesome, ended on a happy note.