Pothole menace: Doctor crushed to death in road accident

A 23-year-old doctor lost her life in an unfortunate accident on Wednesday (October 09) evening, her bike hit a pothole and she was run over by a truck. The accident occurred on the Wade-Bhiwandi Highway in Thane


The condition of roads in Mumbai, Thane, Domblivi, Kalyan, and Palghar are quite pathetic. The pothole menace is a growing problem in urban areas all over Maharashtra. On Wednesday night, an innocent woman lost her life due to a pothole. Dr Neha Sheikh lost control of her motorcycle after it hit a pothole hard.

She slipped and fell on the road. She didn’t see a truck rushing towards her, the truck ran over her and she lost her life on the spot.

According to police, she had gone to Thane to make some purchases for her wedding. She was going to be married on November 07.

Next morning, news reached her village in Wada, Palghar that she had died due to an accident. On Thursday morning, her family and few of the villagers staged a protest on the road.

While speaking to the press, Dr Mahesh Sagde, Assistant Police Inspector at Ganesh Puri Police Station, said, “Yesterday night, Dr Neha was riding her bike when it hit a pothole, she slipped onto the road and was run over by an oncoming vehicle. We have registered a case and an investigation is on.”