‘Positive about resuming duty as male constable’

Lalita Salve, who recently approached Bombay HC, seeking leave of absence to undergo a sex-change surgery and resume as a male constable after being denied leave by her seniors, said she is ready to embrace her true identity. She said she will ‘go ahead with the surgery irrespective of government decision’

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“I am a man. No one needs to tell me this. I know it myself,” affirmed Lalita Salve, a police constable from Beed. Salve grabbed headlines recently when she approaching the Bombay High Court, seeking leave of absence to undergo a sex-change surgery and resume as a male constable after being denied leave by her seniors.

Despite setbacks, Salve told My Medical Mantra that she remains firm on her decision and will ‘go ahead with the operation, irrespective of the government decision’. But at the same time she is positive that the law and the government will stand by her.

“I have an optimistic approach towards life. I hope I will get the permission to undergo the sex change surgery from the administration. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has asked the Director General of Police to consider my request. I have faith that I will get back to service after the surgery,” she affirmed.

Doctors at JJ Hospital have confirmed that Salve will be visit the hospital soon for the follow up. “Salve told us that she wants to go for sex change operation, irrespective of the government decision. The plastic surgery team will evaluate her,” a doctor told My Medical Mantra on condition of anonymity.

Salve made the decision to undergo a sex change surgery as she always knew she is a man. “My body and mind tells me I am a man. I understand the signals. I have spent a lot of years in pain and trauma. Instead of being miserable, I decided I should embrace my true identity. It was then that I appealed to the Director General of Police to grant me leave for the surgery and allow me to resume my duty as a male constable,” she said.

Discussing her condition, Salve said she underwent a surgery to remove a tumour as a child. “My parents told me, when I was in Class 1, doctors mistook my physical condition as a tumour and removed it. I have been living as a girl since childhood. After I hit puberty, I realised I have more male chromosomes in my body,” she said.

The year 2014 was a turning point for Salve. “My whole life stood still in front of me, when my family started looking for a groom for me. I underwent medical tests and found out that I had significant amount of Y chromosomes in my body. I was surprised to find 46% male chromosomes in my body. Though that moment was very difficult for me, it gave me a validation of what I have been feeling all my life.”

Salve said that while she has been living with people drawing wrong conclusions about her stance, she chooses to stay strong. “A lot is being said about me, which drains me emotionally and mentally. That is why I avoid talking about this. I am positive and I have made a decision based on the signals my body has been giving me all my life. I stay firm on my decision and will lead the life I wish for myself,” she said.