Polio virus: ‘Don’t panic, Maharashtra is safe,’ assures state health minister

You might have come across news reports since today morning (September 29), about the resurgence of a strain of the polio virus. In a statement issued by Maharashtra health minister Deepak Sawant, he mentioned that there is no need to panic about a comeback of the deadly virus

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

People living in Maharashtra need not worry about the return of the dreaded polio virus. Although, news reports about polio vaccines contaminated with a strain of type 2 virus are true. Residents of Maharashtra have no reason to worry as the state discontinued vaccines containing a weakened form of the virus a long while ago

In a statement issued to placate the public and dispel any doubts regarding the virus, state health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant said, “We were sent a notice from the central government on September 10, to discontinue the use of vaccines manufactured and provided by the Ghaziabad-based company. From September 11, we immediately stopped using these vaccines. So, the citizens have absolutely no reason to be afraid.”

Dr Sawant added, “There are two types of vaccines administered to prevent the spread of the polio virus. An injection and an oral dose, these vaccines are given so that the body can build-up immunity against the virus. The vaccine for preventing the type 2 strain of polio virus was in use till the year 2016.”

Dr Sawant concluded, saying, “Maharashtra is safe in regards of facing a polio health threat and as such would not face a pressing situation. We are going to have a discussion with the central government about the issue.”