Polio vaccine: ‘Maharashtra is safe,’assures state health minister

Amid the polio vaccine contamination controversy which has spread like wildfire across the country, Maharashtra health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant has assured the citizens of the state that the polio vaccine being used is completely safe

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

Ahead of a polio dose day, Maharashtra health minister has clarified doubts regarding the status of polio vaccine in Maharashtra.

The use of virus infected polio vaccine produced by a certain company has been stopped in the state as per the directions of the central government.

While speaking to the press, state health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant said, “They have been certain rumours regarding contamination of polio virus in Maharashtra. I want to clarify that Maharashtra has not received any adulterated vials of the polio vaccine. The batches which have been sent to Maharashtra are safe and there is no cause for concern while receiving the orally administered polio vaccine. I wish to convey this message on the behalf of the Maharashtra health ministry. I want to remind people again that there is no need to worry, we have not been sent the adulterated polio vaccine. Maharashtra is safe and there is nothing to be worried about.”

Recently, the health minister of Maharashtra, Dr Deepak Sawant had also issued a statement in connection with the polio dose contamination case.

In a statement issued to placate the public and dispel any doubts regarding the virus, state health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant said, “We were sent a notice from the central government on September 10, to discontinue the use of vaccines manufactured and provided by the Ghaziabad-based company. From September 11, we immediately stopped using these vaccines. So, the citizens have absolutely no reason to be afraid.”

Dr Sawant concluded, saying, “Maharashtra is safe in regards of facing a polio health threat and as such would not face a pressing situation. We are going to have a discussion with the central government about the issue.”

The union health ministry has directed all the states and the union territories to furnish information about the contaminated Polio vaccine.

The ministry has asked for the information about the stock of batches B100318 supplied by a Ghaziabad based company.

The polio vaccine supplied by this company was found to be contaminated with polio 2 strain.