PMC’s appeal to Punekars: Drink boiled water

Pune has witnessed very heavy rainfall during the past few days. The corporation has released water from various dams around Pune. The water is likely to be contaminated. So, the Pune Municipal Corporation has issued advisory to Punekars to drink boiled water

  • The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has made an appeal to Punekars, to drink boiled water 
  • The corporation has issued an advisory on July 24 stating, with a heavy rainfall, the water has become muddy, so people should drink boiled water
  • Pune has witnessed very heavy rainfall over the last few days 

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sanjeev Wavare, Assistant Medical Officer of Health (AMOH), Pune Corporation said, “It is always advised to take all precaution during the monsoon. We have released water from many dams around Pune city. Because of heavy rainfall and release of water from the dams, the water has become muddy. We are taking all the measures to filter it properly. But, it is advised that people should drink boiled water and protect themselves from water born diseases.”

The officials said that the local body is taking all measures to ensure that water supply remains clean. They have also said that people should also take all the necessary measures as a preventive step from water born diseases.