PM Modi to students: ‘Be warriors, not worriers’

As the SSC and HSC exams are round the corner. Students are busy preparing for the same. Today, PM Modi conducted ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ session with lakhs students from across the country and addressed their examination-related concerns at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. While speaking to students he said, you are not talking to the Prime Minister of India, and you are talking to a friend. He requested parents not to make the achievements of their child a matter of social prestige


  • In an interactive session he spoke about the importance of staying happy and taking tests without stress
  • Before he took questions from the students, he said “It was his exam today”, and thanked his teachers for whom he is still a student. “They inspired me to keep the student alive in me,” PM Narendra Modi said.
  • If you have to be focused, know the skill to be de-focused, he said.
  • The session, dubbed as ‘Exam Ki Baat’, was organised days after the prime minister launched his book ‘Exam Warriors’, which is a collection of anecdotes from his growing up years and lists mantras to help students to stay calm before the examination.

When asked about how to maintain self-confidence, he said, “Self-confidence is very important. It’s not a pill or herb. There is no tablet that can be consumed for instant confidence. We have to build it every day. We work hard for exams but we lack confidence. Swami Vivekananda once said, if you don’t have confidence, God also can’t help you.”

Speaking about concentration, PM Modi said, “Concentration isn’t something that has to be specifically learnt. Every person does concentrate on something or the other during the day, it may be while reading, hearing a song, talking to a friend. I would say Yoga is a wonderful way to improve concentration.”

He added, “Trying to become someone is a conventional path. Take the road less travelled. He urged students to be warriors, not worriers and treat exams like festivals and a happy mind is the secret of a good mark sheet.”

He said, “Do not compete with others, compete with yourself. You should know yourself; you should know your capabilities. When you enter a competition, you feel the stress. You should first compete with yourself. Make your own parameters.”

As per PM Modi, students should understand the parents; parents have certain dreams for their kids. Students should speak openly with parents. He requested parents not to make the achievements of their child a matter of social prestige.

PM Modi said:

  • It is very important to develop Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient
  • During exams, sleeping is vital but more important is the quality of sleep
  • In our society teachers are like family members. Such a spirit was more common earlier and we have to reignite this spirit further today
  • For students, one time table or a schedule can’t be appropriate for the full year. It is essential to be flexible and make best use of one’s time
  • Teachers should connect not only with students but also with their parents and their eco-system
  • Ignorance about priorities leads to time mismanagement; we should look at it