Plastic ban: ‘Citizen participation is key along with establishment and govt’, tweets Aaditya Thackeray

Yuva Sena Chief Aaditya Thackeray in his tweet said that the ban on single use disposable plastic has to be a two way movement. And along with establishment and the government, the citizens’ involvement is must

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  • The Plastic ban covers the production, use, storage, sale, distribution, import and transportation of plastic. Those violating the ban would be fined Rs 25,000 and could also face a three-year jail term.
  • Plastic used to cover medicines, forest and horticulture products, solid waste, tree saplings and the use of plastic in special economic zones for export purposes would be exempted from the ban. Plastic covers and wrappers used for manufactured and processed products would also be exempt.
  • After the state government’s decision Aaditya Thackeray, Yuva Sena President  who conceptualised it had tweeted, “Finally a project I was working closely on with Minister @iramdaskadam ji who initiated the plastic ban, has been approved by the Cabinet. I’m extremely happy that this focused ban on single use plastics will take effect soon. This was needed to protect our environment.”

Plastic bags, thermocol, disposable cups and plates, cutlery, non-woven polypropylene bags, plastic pouches and packaging have been banned. This Maharashtra government’s decision is being supported by the celebrities as well.

Now, Yuva Sena Chief Aaditya Thackeray took to twitter and urged the citizens to participate in the ban. In a series of tweets Aaditya said, “The ban on single use disposable plastic has to be a two way movement. It is a focused ban on the problem that lies most in our drains and oceans. Citizen participation is key along with establishment and govt @UNEnvironment.”

“The collection chain with establishments and citizens of used PET bottles has to be well established well. In this coming month, the govt and stake holders will establish collection points across the State.”

“Met the PET Bottles manufacturers association. They aren’t a part of the ban as it isn’t single use disposable plastic, is fully recyclable. However they have to be managed well, recycled well. A timeline pathway is being established for its collection & recycling/ upcycling.”