‘Physical fitness is linked to mental health’

Fitness is synonymous to Dr Nirmal Surya, a senior consultant neuro-physician at Bombay hospital and the founder trustee and chairman of Epilepsy Foundation. Along with the patient’s health Dr Surya equally takes care of his wellbeing


Dr Nirmal Surya, a senior consultant neuro-physician at Bombay hospital and the founder trustee and chairman of Epilepsy Foundation, never compromises with his fitness routine. Dr Surya said, one needs mental energy to stay fit. Our brain should indicate that ‘We are fit’.

Dr Surya is an early riser. “I go for a walk at 6:30 am to 7:00 am. If I give it a miss, I walk in the hospital and climb stairs of the hospital. This is how I maintain my fitness. I have my breakfast at 7:30 am. After which I get ready and reach Saifee Hospital at 9:00 am.”

According to Dr Surya, everyone has their way of staying fit. “For me, I am 50% fit. 15 years ago, when I encountered from blood pressure, only then I became more aware about fitness. I used to do meditation that time. Now, even if I put on a little weight. I control it through my diet.”

Dr Surya follows a strict diet routine:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 am: Tea and biscuits
  • 10:30 am: Tea, biscuits and khakra
  • Lunch at 2:00 pm: Buttermilk, papaya and rice/paratha
  • 4:00 pm: Te, sandwich/ idli/dosa
  • 8:30 pm- 9:00 pm: 2 rotis,subzi, dal, dahi and salad

Speaking about his diet Dr Surya said, “I like to eat samosa. I eat it once in a week, not more than that. Earlier, I used to eat bhaji, vada pav or samosa. But, after the age of 55, I rarely indulge in it.  I used to eat sweet but since my family members suffer from diabetes. I control eating them.”

As per Dr Surya, “You improve your concentration through meditation and strengthen your mind. So, from what work I do. I try to strengthen my mind from that. Owing to which, I am mentally fit. Physical fitness is linked to mental health. For me, if you do any work with concentration. It is like meditation. Meditation is good for mental health.”

He added, “I also participate in Mumbai Marathon’s Dream Run since last 7 years. Along with me many patients also participate.”

Dr Surya singed off by saying, “Everyone should take care of their health and fitness. I will also devote more time for fitness.”