Pharmacists gear up to fight cancer

Maharashtra’s pharmacists are trying their best to eradicate TB. Now, the pharmacists have come forward to fight cancer. The Indian Cancer Society and the Indian Pharmaceutical Association have signed an agreement to create awareness among people about cancer. Under this agreement, pharmacists in Mumbai and Maharashtra are being trained

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  • Around 75 chemists of Kalyan’s Chemist And Druggist Association participated in a programme to fight against cancer. Dr Amol Wankhede of the Indian Cancer Society trained them about cancer.
  • On the occasion of the ‘World Cancer Day’, the chemists will be briefed about cancer. For this, the Cancer Society has printed brochures and banners.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Manjiri Gharat, Vice-President and Chairman, Community Pharmacy division, Indian Pharmaceutical Association said, “The number of cancer patients is increasing. And the chemists will be able to create awareness regarding the same. Owing to which, this agreement has been made. Under this agreement, all wholesale and retail drug vendors of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, are trained on the basis of cancer.”

She added, “The pharmacists will be responsible to guide the patients if they show signs of cancer or are diagnosed with cancer. To help them get treatment through the Indian Cancer Society and help them to quit tobacco.”

Sagar Kulkarni, Vice-president, Kalyan Chemist and Druggist Association said, ‘Cancer is a serious disease. So, by participating in this campaign, they get a chance to do something for the society. We will definitely try to provide more and more services to the patients. “

He added, “Due to late diagnosis, treating cancer becomes difficult due to which the patient loses his life. Often people do not know what to do for the treatment and where to go we have decided to get help from local pharmacists. Therefore, all the pharmacists will be trained in cancer. In the first phase, pharmacists from Kalyan, Dombivli and Navi Mumbai will be trained. After that training will be provided throughout the state.”