Pharma companies, ambulance drivers in the ambit of ‘cut practice law’

To crack down on the doctors who indulge in cut commission practice the Maharashtra government had decided to form a ‘cut practice law’. In the meeting conducted regarding the ‘cut practice law’, the government has taken an important decision to include all the people related to healthcare in its jurisdiction

Maha to table cut practice law in upcoming winter session, says Girish Mahajan

  • The jurisdiction of ‘cut practice’ will widen.
  • Pharma companies, ambulance drivers, chemists and all the medical representatives to be included in it.

As per the information received from the sources, the state government has decided to change the name of ‘cut practice law’ to ‘Undue Benefits In Healthcare Act’.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shivkumar Utture,  President of Maharashtra Medical Council said, “If a complaint is registered against the doctor regarding ‘cut practice’. The committee in which one member would be from Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) will conduct a preliminary inquiry. If a doctor is found guilty in the preliminary investigation, then only the matter will be referred to the police.”

As per the information given to My Medical Mantra, by the member present in the meeting, some provisions of the proposed act are similar to the provisions of the Clinical Establishment Act. The government is thinking on the provisions of these two laws as these two laws shouldn’t overlap.