Pendant stuck in kids throat removed

Pendant stuck in kids throat removed without surgery

A one-year-old kid from Jogeshwari swallows a pendant on Tuesday. After seeing her cry and vomiting, her parents rush her to Cooper Hospital. Doctors advise to be alert in such cases as her parents were as quick action can make a big difference in such cases.

Rukaiya Khan is a one-year-old girl from Jogeshwari who swallowed a locket while playing with on Tuesday(July 13). She started vomiting and crying suddenly, her mother was frightened.

Hurriedly, she called her husband, Saneb Khan who rushed home. Immediately, the child was taken to Cooper hospital. The ENT department head, Dr. Shashikant Mhashal along with Dr Vinod Gite and Dr. Ganesh Shinde (Dean) identified the cause of worry and took them to endoscopy department to help the child.

“The patient reached us about 3 hours after swallowing the pendant. We did an x-ray before the endoscopy to be sure about what had been swallowed. A pendant of a Hindu god was taken out yesterday. The kid is perfectly fine now and will be discharged in a day or so. It’s very important to treat such cases on time,” said Dr. Mhashal.


The pendant was removed using an endoscopy, a procedure where the operation is done on internal organs or digestive system using specialized instruments. The pendant had sharp edges which posed to be a major problem for the procedure.

Rukaiya was saved due to the timely treatment. Doctors say that it is very important to look for the child’s bouts of illness minutely, and take timely action.

“In such cases, it’s very important to see what has been swallowed. The real cause of worry is, if it has some sharp substances or chemical coatings which may turn poisonous for the body,” said Dr. Samir Dalwai, President of Indian Academy of Paediatrics- Mumbai Chapter, consulting child developmental paediatrician and Founder of New Horizons Child Development Centre (NHCDC).

He further added, “The throat is the narrowest part of the body. So anything that goes inside will choke the food pipe or the wind pipe. The real harm is, when anything like this enters the windpipe rather than food pipe as this may lead to breathlessness and can have serious health consequences. Timely treatment is a must in such cases.”