Pay more to seek treatment in govt hospitals

The problem of rising prices of essential commodities is one of the most important problems that we are facing now. To top it all, now the treatment in the government medical colleges will be costly


The costs of the treatments available at the government medical colleges have been revised. Now, due to the government’s decision, people will have to pay more for taking treatments in the government medical colleges.

Heart attack, ECG, angioplasty, angiography, CT scan, MRI, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone diseases, liver and blood tests, post mortem and the cost of the ambulance will increase. On November 20, the state government released a GR in which the hospitals were ordered to increase the cost of the tests.


There are 20 government medical and dental colleges across the state. Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, St George Hospital, The Cama and  Albless Hospital are included. Likewise, government hospitals from Pune, Solapur, Latur, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Chandrapur, Gondia, Yavatmal and Miraj are also included.

According to government’s new revised rates, the costs of the blood tests required to detect dengue, malaria and swine flu have been increased by Rs 250. An eye surgery will cost up to Rs 3,500 to Rs 11, 000. The cost of sonography has increased from Rs 120 to 600. CT scan will cost up to Rs 350 to 1,700. Tests for stomach related problems will cost up to Rs 200 to 1,100. MRI will cost for Rs 2000 to 3,000 and the radiotherapy will cost for Rs 5,000.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pravin Shingare, director, DMER said, “The state government has increased the costs of medical tests at the government hospitals. Eight year ago, there was a proposal to increase the treatment rates which was pending. But, decision wasn’t taken on it. So, from the upcoming year, the new rates will be applied. We have asked all the government hospitals to apply the revised rates. The new rates will be applied soon.”


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Abhijit More a co-convenor of theJan Arogya Abhiyan, Pune said, “An assurance was given to make health services free of cost. But, in reality, the patients are not getting any facilities. Also, the rates of the tests have been increased. Patients get free medical facilities in Delhi. Why is it not possible for Maharashtra government to do so?”

Revised rates:

Tests   old rates    new rates
ECG   30 70
Echo 250 350
MRI     1,600             2,000 TO 3,000 (Different types of MRI)
Registration fee 10  



Blood test 30 250 000 (Different types of blood tests)
Eye surgery 1,200 to 6,000 3,500 to 6,000 (Different types of eye surgeries)
Sonography 100 120 to 600 ((Different types of sonography)
CT scan 350 350 to 700