MMR vaccination: Pay close attention to out of school children, state health ministry

The immunisation drive will begin from November 27. The aim of this mass vaccination drive is to make sure that each and every child gets vaccinated. The state government has ensured that the doubts in the minds of the parents and elders are clarified before the children are vaccinated

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

The state health ministry has directed doctors, district surgeons, health workers, auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) workers to pay close attention to children of construction workers and other out-of-school children.

The state health department is well-prepared if a medical emergency occurs during this immunisation campaign.

While interacting with doctors via video conferencing, Maharashtra health minister, Dr Deepak Sawant, said, “This vaccination campaign has been undertaken in order to eradicate mumps, measles and rubella from India. This immunisation drive is crucial for both Maharashtra and India. This drive aims to vaccinate children between the ages of nine months to fifteen years.”

Dr Sawant added, “It is important that everyone works in tandem and proper coordination to ensure that this immunisation drive is a success. Each vaccination centre must have a 108 ambulance, specialist doctors, and the necessary medicines.”

He further said, “Parents will be counselled and any doubts or fears that they have regarding the health vaccine will be clarified.”

The Indian Medical Association and Paediatric Association have a crucial role to play at the local level to ensure that no child is left out.

Dr Pradeep Kumar Vyas, Principal Secretary (Health), said, “In this campaign, we aim to reach out to 10 lakh children in one week. Everyone must work hard to achieve this. Special attention must be paid to out-of-school children, such as the children of construction labourers and others who don’t go to school. The effects of the vaccine must be observed in children for a two-day period.”