Patients who suffered from malaria can now donate blood after three years

Earlier, patients were allowed to donate blood one year after completing the treatment. The National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) has amended the rules of the blood donation for patients affected by malaria

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

With the aim to curb the spread of infection due to the blood transfusion. National Aids Control Organisation, has taken the decision. Earlier, people affected from Malaria were allowed to donate blood one year after the treatment. NACO has issued the directives to all the State Blood Transfusion Committee.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Additional Director of the State Blood Transfusion Committee, Maharashtra Dr Arun Thorat said, “Recently NACO has amended the rules related to blood donation by patients affected by malaria. The decision has been taken to curb the infection. Also, prisoners who are logged in jails have been barred from donating blood.”

Dr Thorat said, “The decision to bar the prisoners from donating blood has been taken after the due consideration. Infection, food availability in jail and immune power of the prisoners have been taken into consideration while taking this decision.”

While speaking on this issue, Dr Prasad Kulkarni, President of the Maharashtra Association of Practicing Pathologist and Microbiologist said, “The bacteria of malaria remains in a patient’s liver for a long duration. So, even if the patient is cured, it is likely that the other people will also get affected after blood donation.”