Passive Euthanasia: ‘Every person above 75 years should have this right’

Today, the Supreme Court (SC) allowed passive euthanasia stating that human beings have the right to die with dignity, but made sure to set out strict guidelines that will govern them, when it is permitted. But, a Mumbai-based couple, Iravati Lavate, 78, and her husband Narayan Lavate, 88, residents of Girgaon, Mumbai, who have appealed to the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, to be granted permission for euthanasia are unhappy with this decision

Passive Euthanasia: ‘Every person above 75 years should have this right’

  • While neither Narayan nor Iravati have any ailment, the couple says the wish for assisted suicide was driven by the satisfaction of having lived a happy life and the idea to not depend on hospitals for old-age ailments.
  • In addition, they said, the fear of one of them passing away while the other lives on, this led them to approach the President of India.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Narayan Lavate said, “We aren’t fully satisfied with the SC’s verdict. Our demand is that every person above 75 years should have this right. The police and the doctors should take information about these people. The government should create a policy regarding this.”

As per the couple, this SC’s verdict is for the ones who do not which to live due to health conditions. To get rid of pain the patients commit suicide. If the patient is on the ventilator and wants to opt for Passive Euthanasia they can be given. So, this decision is not for us. We don’t have any ailment.”

“The Indian law doesn’t allow euthanasia. Instead of being bedridden or being a burden for the relatives, we would like to end our life. We have also written to the President of India,” said the couple.

Narayan Lavate said, “I made so many attempts to bring in the law for Passive Euthanasia. I wrote letters to the government but, I didn’t get any response owing to which we requested to end our lives. We tried after Aruna Shanbaug’s death. Also, there are no senior-care facilities in the country.”

“We have lived our life to the fullest. We wish to die. We are waiting for a decision on the letter written to the President after till March 31. Or else we will end our lives,” said the couple.