Parupalli Kashyap opens up about his struggle with asthma

The athlete made this revelation through a post on his Instagram account, where he narrated an incident about asthma affected his routine while playing the sport. Through the post he aims to encourage other asthmatics telling them that it is not a condition that stops you from living life. It’s just a speed bump which can easily be surpassed if taken care of correctly


The renowned badminton player was diagnosed with asthma in the year 2004. Pouring his heart out in an Instagram post the decorated badminton player revealed about how he wrestled with the respiratory condition.

He shared how was diagnosed with asthma and what was the condition of his health before finding out that he suffered from this condition.

Kashyap wrote, ‘At the age of 14 while I was training in Bangalore, I kept on falling sick every 2-3 weeks with a cough, cold & fever. This kept occurring every 2-3 weeks & was really difficult to deal with since it was hampering my training & routine. I had to go see a doctor. The general physician did not suggest that I go see a chest physician. Since this kept on occurring, like a cycle, I thought it was the air & weather in Bangalore that wasn’t right for me & I shifted to Hyderabad. On seeing a general physician there, he asked me to see a chest physician who diagnosed me with asthma.’

Despite being diagnosed with asthma in 2004, Kashyap trained at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in his native Hyderabad and later won bronze and silver medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in men’s singles and mixed team competitions, respectively

Since he was asthmatic, when he was training hard, my body wasn’t getting stronger or fitter. Most of his colleagues who were getting the same training were getting better results. However, with proper medications and treatment, his condition started to improve and later he overcame the hurdle.

In 2012, he made history after becoming the first male player from India to reach the quarter-finals of the men’s singles competition at the Summer Olympics in London. He later won a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.