Parents struggle to find organ donor for son, move to Chennai

It’s been more than three months since the parents of Avighna were told that their son suffers from a rare genetic liver disorder known as Ciggler-Najjar Syndrome. He has been on the waiting list for the last four months. Their on-going struggle has made them move to Chennai, where they hope to find a suitable donor for their child

Parents struggle to find organ donor for son, move to Chennai

“It’s been an endless wait. We don’t know what will happen. Every day seems like a decade has gone by. We tried everything we could in Mumbai, to find an organ donor. Through friends and family, we were informed that we could find good doctors in Chennai and that we had a better chance of getting an organ donor. Now as we are in Chennai. I hope this city will not let me down.”

As you talk to Arpita Ghadge, mother of six-month-old Avighna, who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder which has led him to an end-stage liver disease, the teary-eyed mother, becomes more and more emotional. She knows the only way she could save her son is through getting him a liver transplant.

After trying their best in Mumbai to find an organ donor, and visiting every other hospital, for over three months, the Ghadge family decided to temporarily move to Chennai.

Avighna Ghadge

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Arpita says, “We are staying here on the rent. We have already registered Avighna with a hospital for the liver transplant. His blood group is O positive, and now we are waiting for the donor.”

Arpita further added, “When a phone rings, for a second I feel that this could be the call which will end my son’s ordeal. I’m on edge whenever I receive a call. But I’m still optimistic that my prayers will be answered. ”

Avighna, who is suffering from liver disease, need 22 lakhs rupees for the liver transplant operation. The family has managed to raise 14 lakhs till now via crowdfunding.

Arpita says, “I thank My Medical Mantra, for helping us to raise 1.30 lakhs rupees. But, we need to arrange 8 to 10 lakh rupees more, so that, if the donor is available we can go ahead with the operation.”

As the expenses are rising, the Ghadge family is now planning to start a crowdfunding campaign once again.

“I want to save my son, and it is my humble appeal to all people, please spread the word about organ donation. It’s a noble cause which can save a person’s life,” says Arpita.