Parents need to be counselled more than students appearing for SSC, HSC exams

City psychiatrists pointed out that more than appearing for exams, there is lot of performance pressure and fear of letting down their parents, which puts students into depression

Stress-depression-Student-X700DAnxiety, depression and sleepless nights are common among children who appear for HSC and SSC exams. But, city psychiatrists point out that even parents experience the same and are more in need of counselling than students.

Dr Vasant Mundra, Consulting Psychiatrist, PD Hinduja Hospital, said, “I attend to many students who complain about fear and stress of board exams. After examining the cases, I believe that parents are more agitated about board exams than children. Counselling parents is more important, because when parents are stressed and depressed, the child automatically absorbs it.”

He added that pressure of board exams should be removed. “There is nothing special about these exams, it is just like another exam,” said Mundra.

Sensitising parents, schools and colleges about board exam pressure plays a vital role.

Dr Fabian Almeida, a child psychiatrist, said, “I run awareness programmes in schools and colleges, which helps in spreading awareness about board exams pressure. Anxiousness and anxiety are common among everyone. The only solution to deal with it is counselling.”

Almeida has conducted 2,500 seminars all over India and across the world about exam pressure. He believes that students should study smart and not hard.

Anxiety is common during any exam, but getting hyper about it will hamper the performance,” added Almeida.

Psychiatrists pointed out that more than appearing for exams, there is lot of pressure of performance.

“I see lot of children are scared about results. Pressure of final result and letting down their parents put children into depression,” said Dr Heena Merchant, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Department at KEM Hospital, Mumbai.