Maharashtra: 50 kgs plastic removed from cow’s stomach in Parbhani

The doctors at Parbhani’s Veterinary Medical College and Hospital in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra were shocked to find nearly 50 kilos of waste including plastic bags, safety pins, slippers, nails, sand, wires and coins inside a cow’s stomach

Parbhani: 50 kgs plastic removed from cow’s stomach

If you are a farmer or owner of domesticate animals such as cows, buffalo, and bullocks you usually send them out to graze, but the next time you do so keep an eye upon what they are eating. As 50 kilos of garbage had plastic has been extracted from a cow stomach in Parbhani district.

Since the last few days, the cow which belonged to Parmeshwar Waghmare was not eating its fodder or drinking water. He eventually realised that his cow was suffering from stomach ache. He decided to admit his cow to a veterinary hospital for treatment. The veterinarian immediately did a medical check-up on the cow and began to administer medicines to it. However, the vet noticed that the cow’s health had not improved.

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After which the vet decided to perform a surgery on the cow. Accordingly the cow underwent five surgeries, through which the doctors extracted 50 kilos of plastic and other garbage; in total the doctors removed plastic bags, safety pins, slippers, nails, sand, wires and coins from inside the cow’s stomach.

Speaking about this unique case, Dr Vilas Aher, dean of Veterinary Medical College and Hospital, said, “The cow was brought to the hospital as it was suffering from stomach pain. This cow is from the breed of Lal Kandhari.  After giving birth to a calf 10 to 15 days ago, the cow suddenly stopped giving milk. She wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. When the owner of the cow found out that it was suffering from unbearable stomach pain, he brought her to the hospital. Over here, Dr Gajanan Dhage began to treat it. Initially he gave medicines to the cow, but as the condition of the cow did not improve we decided to operate on it.”


Dr Aher further said, “We performed this surgery on Tuesday morning. Through this surgery we extracted the plastic and garbage from the cow’s stomach. After the surgery, the cow’s stomach pain has reduced. We had to give 10 to 12 stitches to the cow’s stomach to close the incision after the surgery. The cow will be kept under observations for a few more days in the hospital and will be discharged once it shows improvement in its health.”

Often cows and buffaloes are sent out to graze. At times, the animals go near the trash piles and eat whatever they feel like. Due to this plastic gets accumulated inside their stomachs and this can be life-threatening for them.”