Krushna meets his mother, ex-armyman father hunts for job to pay bills

After successful heart transplant on Krushna his mother met him for the first time on Thursday. But his father is still at his hometown, arranging money for Krushna’s treatment

Krushna meets his mother, ex-armyman father hunts for job to pay bills

Krushna, who was waiting for six months to get heart, has recently undergone heart transplant surgery. Its been two days that the surgery took place and Krushna is recovering at ICU in Fortis hospital in Mumbai. Doctors said they have kept him in unconscious state so that he does not do too many movements.

Krushna’s mother is currently with him and his father has gone to his village in Ahmednagar district to make some arrangement for finances. The family still needs Rs 7 lakh rupees to pay hospital bills. My Medical Mantra had appealed for helping Krushna in our earlier stories.

The daily expenses for Krushna before the heart transplant were around Rs 2,000 to 3,000. But post-surgery, the drugs that he will need to take for his lifetime will cost more. Ganesh Sadgir, Krushna’s father is therefore also in search of job. His father has already given an interview in district bank in Ahmednagar.

Sadgir said, “As Krushna needs money, I am at my hometown arranging the same. I have been able to raise Rs. 21,000 till now and still need to raise around Rs. 7 lakh.”

“I have taken a retirement and at home since last seven to eight months. As I was busy for Krushna’s treatment, I could not find a job. But now as I will need money, I have started a search for job too,” he added.

It is very small age for Krushna to undergo such a complex surgery and therefore in order to avoid any infection to him, doctors did not allow anyone to meet him. But on Friday, when Gauri Sadgir, Krushna’s mother saw him, she could not hold back her tears.

While informing about Krushna’s condition, Dr Swati Garekar, paediatrician at Fortis hospital, Mulund said, “We are treating Krushna and he is in ICU on ventilator still. We cannot say anything right now.”