Overcrowding, poor ventilation responsible for rising TB cases, states CM Fadnavis

While giving a written reply in the Maharashtra assembly, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis stated, factors like increase in population, congested buildings and lack of proper ventilation are responsible for the rise in TB cases

Overcrowding, poor ventilation responsible for rising TB cases, states CM Fadnavis

  • Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has admitted that Mumbai, has recorded a rise in the number of tuberculosis cases.
  • From April 2017 to March 2018, Mumbai has recorded 45,000 TB cases. While the number of MDR-TB patients is 4,891.

As India, is gearing up to eliminate the menace of TB, Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has witnessed a rise in people suffering from tuberculosis.

In the written reply CM Fadnavis stated:

Increasing population, congested buildings, overcrowding and lack of ventilation in the house are primarily responsible for the rise in TB cases.

So far, Mumbai in 2017, Mumbai has recorded 4,891 Multi-Drug Resistant-TB cases and 670 XDR-TB cases.

The state has increased the MDR-TB detecting centres, which has helped in early detection of MDR-TB

Recently Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), had conducted a study in the city. The study was conducted by an NGO, Doctors for You, in Mumbai’s, Mankhurd and Govandi area.

The doctors had visited 4,080 houses, in three lower-middle-class areas to find out the prevalence of TB in Mumbai.

The study had revealed shocking data, which underlined that poor ventilation in the room with no air circulation are the breeding grounds for the tuberculosis.

The study findings revealed:

  • M-East ward: 10% TB and 20% MDR-TB cases
  • In Lallubhai Compound and Natwar Parekh Compound, one TB patient in 8-10% household

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Peehu Pardeshi, senior researchers of Infrastructure and TB project, said, “We had done an extensive research in the colonies of Govandi and Mankhurd in Mumbai. During our research, we found out that space between the two buildings is very narrow. Lack of ventilation and no sunlight penetrating the households is the major factor for the increase in TB cases.”